The secret to tying comparaduns…

This entry was posted on Apr 04 2010

…is to tie a LOT of them!

I’m glad I got these out of the way – these were definitely more challenging than I remember them being.

I think that should be enough for now.  I actually tied the pattern about 16 times, but I didn’t get it right until about the 12th tie.  As for all the ones before that point – I figure I can use them to chum up the water :) (kidding).

BWO Comparaduns and Sparkle Sulfur Comparaduns (hi vis tails) in #14 and #16.


Here’s what one of them looks like up close.

I’ve actually filled up both of our boxes with all the essentials (bwo’s, caddis patterns, midges, and a selection of nymphs) so everything after this point will be for the Beaverkill and some other nice to have patterns.

As for tying tips:

1) The wing needs to be at the front third point which means you need to tie the deer hair bunch slightly rear of that position to account for the inevitable space the hair bend takes up.  It’s less than a millimeter – but it makes all the difference in the world

2) For a bullet proof tie, after securing the hair, pull the entire bunch back, let a few hair fall forward, secure with a wrap, let another bunch fall, and secure with a wrap, and do 3 or more times (depending on the size). Finish off the head by building up a decent thread damn to ensure the hair stays upright.

3) fish and enjoy :)


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